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All the important information to know about anal whitening

All the important information to know about anal whitening

Anal whitening is becoming a popular trend at a very fast rate. This cosmetic procedure revolves around enhancing the appearance of the the anus (skin). Also referred as rectal lightening treatment, the procedure was previously popular among celebrities, but in the recent past, everyone seems to be interested in having their anal skin bleached. Ideally, this bleaching is desired to give a beautifully-looking bum especially for people whose anal skin has a different complexion from the rest of their bodies.

Is rectal lightening safe?

hdhd84Like in any other cosmetic procedures, people have had concerns about the safety of anal whitening. Generally, this type of bleaching is safe, and there are no known risks or dangers associated with this cosmetic procedure. However, there are a few mild side effects experienced after undergoing the procedure. These effects are such as irritations, burning and scarring on the bleached skin. It is worth noting that when the procedure is done unprofessionally, by unqualified specialists, there are also other serious side effects and problems that may arise. These include bowel movements difficult, tears along the anal canal, and strictures.

Anal whitening benefits

Anal bleaching has exceedingly great benefits and advantages. For starters, this bleaching helps in making the anal skin softer and thus easier to clean and enhance the anal skin. What is more fascinating about this cosmetic procedure is that it helps in making the anus attractive especially during intimacy. In addition to this, it also helps in removing spot and stretch-marks on the anus. For models and porn actors, rectal lightening helps in making their careers more successful and enhances their popularity to the fans.

How is anal bleaching undertaken?

Skin darkening is caused by a natural chemical in the body called melanin. This chemical darkens the skin as a remedy for naturally shielding it (the skin) from the sun. To inhibit the production of melanin in certain parts of the body, dermatologists and other skin specialists use a chemical called hydroquinone. This chemical not only hinders the production of melanin in specific areas like the anus but also brightens the skin.

Anal whitening through the use of hydroquinone is at times temporary especially when there is extensive exposure of the treated area to ultra-violate rays. This is because the rays re-oxidize the treated area thereby prompting the skin to produce melanin again. The worst thing about this is that the treated area may become darker than it was before.


Other ways of anal whitening are such as cryosurgery, spa treatment, use of a whitening cream (DIY procedure), use of natural ingredients, and laser treatment. Each of these methods has its own fair share of advantages and risks. It is, therefore, necessary to use the services of a dermatologist to determine the safest and best method for you to use.

There is no definite time-frame as to when you should expect to see anal whitening results. Everyone has a different skin from the other person, and there are some people who can see results within one week while others have to wait for a month or a few more weeks.…